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Hinton, Alberta in Canada has a population over 10,000 and is located 270 km west of Edmonton and 80 km east of Jasper. Hinton is the gateway to Jasper National Park in the Alberta Rockies, situated only 15 minute drive and offers access to following major attractions and excellent recreational opportunities.

*Major Attractions/Viewpoints
  Located in Hinton by Maxwell Lake. This is a must see!  Spot beavers, watch them build and eat.  The 1.5km Beaver Boardwalk allows you to explore this wetland ecosystem and enjoying the beautiful scenery.
  The Brule Sand Dunes are located west of Hinton off of Hwy.16.  Signs are posted on Hwy. 16 as well as in the Wildhorse Provincial Recreation Area.  Trails can be used by OHVs, hikers and horseback riders.  Trail conditions are weather dependent. 
  Cadomin is a hamlet located 50km down Hwy. 40 South.  The Cadomin Caves are open from May 1 to Aug 31 in order to protect the bats that call the caves home. The trailhead is located approximately 4km from Cadomin (on Hwy. 40 South).  The hike to the cave entrance takes about 2 hours.  Trail conditions are rugged and are weather dependent.  Proper clothing, footwear and caving equipment are required.  A guide is recommended.
  The Cardinal Divide is approximately 20 km from Cadomin along the Grave Flats Road and offers spectacular mountain views.  At Mountain Park the haul road veers right, while the Grave Flats Road crosses the McLeod River twice then begins its ascent to the Cardinal Divide.  It’s worth the drive!  Road conditions are weather dependent.

· Jasper National Park
  Located 25 km west of Hinton on Hwy. 16 this National Park is home to the Municipality of Jasper.  The park is a year-round playground for outdoor adventure.
· Miette Hot Springs
  The Miette Hot Springs located in Jasper National Park are a 41 km drive from Hinton. The pools offer scenic views and optimum relaxation

· Sundance Provincial Park
  This park preserves a diverse landscape of moist old-growth forest, spectacular sandstone cliffs, steep valleys, hoodoos and a wetland complex. The Sundance Hoodoos are identified as a "significant feature" of Alberta. Emerson Lakes, located within the park, is a beautiful chain of 5 lakes joined by hiking trails
· William A. Switzer Provincial Park
  Located 20 km North of Hinton on Hwy. 40.  William A. Switzer Provincial Park is an uncrowded alternative to the Rocky Mountain parks, offering year-round outdoor recreation and nature appreciation.

*Outdoor Activities
· Hinton Golf Club
  www.hintongolfclub.com:  Short 2 min drive from Hinton Lodge Inn
A spectacular course that lies in the heavily forested foothills of the Rocky Mountains.  Both scenic and challenging, course yardage ranges from 5433 yards (red) to 6729 yard (blue)
· Hinton's Multi
  Purpose Trails - Hinton's local trails are spectacular and provide lovely corridors throughout the community.  Explore Hardisty Creek, Happy Creek, Thompson Lake, Maxwell Lake, and more.  The trails are designed for walking and cycling, and can be used for cross-country skiing when snow conditions permit. Note: Trails are for non-motorized use only.
· Athabasca Nordic Centre Trails & Luge Facility
  www.hintonnordic.ca - The Athabasca Lookout offers the adventurous a stunning view of the Rockies.  The Athabasca Nordic Centre has a variety of world-class trails to ski, bike or hike. The cross-country ski trails are 10m wide trails, ranging in distance from 1.25km to 25km in length.  There is a 1.5 km lighted trail which provides wonderful skiing in the dark winter evenings. 
· Athabasca Ranch Trails
  Highlights are scenic views of the Athabasca River and open grassy meadows. This is a great trail for biking, hiking, and a relaxing picnic. The trail loops range from 1 km to up 10 km.
· Bighorn Trail
  The Bighorn Trail is one of the original pack trails in our area. The Bighorn Trail runs through the beautiful forested foothills of the Rockies. It is approximately 22 km (one way), and a person should allow 8 hours to hike (one-way).  The Bighorn Trail is ideal for hiking, mountain biking, and horseback riding.
· Canyon Creek Trail
  The trail is 3 km loop trail and unfolds into magnificent canyon scenery.  Please be aware that you will be traveling on active logging and oilfield roads.
· Jarvis Lake Trails
  The trails are named Rolling Run and Meadow Run, and are both suitable for the novice skiers, bikers or hikers. Along the trail are various wildflowers, a viewing platform, and wildlife.
· Overlander Trails
  The trails range from 2 km to 20 km. The trails offer views of Kinky & Wildhorse Lake, Brule Range, and Folding Mountain.
· Pine Management Trail
  The Pine Management hiking trail is 6 km long and can be walked in about 2.5 hours. It shows mature pine, regeneration of forestry after a forest-fire, management trails, and regeneration after logging.
· Wildhorse Lake Trails
  The Wildhorse Lake is an excellent spot for camping. It is surrounded by many small lakes and a few trails. To reach the other lakes just follow the trails. Wildhorse and Kinky lakes are supplied with fish and offer excellent fishing.

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